“Background Eraser & Remover is a powerful tool for eliminating unwanted backgrounds from images. This innovative app utilizes advanced algorithms to accurately detect and remove backgrounds, making it perfect for graphic designers, photographers, and social media influencers. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily erase and replace backgrounds with just a few clicks, saving valuable time and effort. Whether you’re creating professional graphics or enhancing personal photos, Background Eraser & Remover offers a seamless and efficient solution. Say goodbye to tedious manual editing and hello to hassle-free background removal with this versatile app.”

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Background Eraser & Remover

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Background Eraser & Remover Reviews

This isn't any massive whiz-bang tool that's going to revolutionize photo editing forever. It's a very simple (free-ad supported) app that has essentially one function: to remove the background YOU want removed. I've been trying for DAYS to find a free background remover that wasn't going to delete the typography from my images just so I could get a good PNG image for my T-shirt designs. This fit the bill perfectly. PERFECTLY!!!

I've used this app for forever now, super easy to use, it does what its supposed to do, and its got, probably the most reasonable ads of any app I've ever used. I don't think you even see an ad until after you finish your picture, and even then, I believe it only appears if you tap "save". The developer really did the user a solid with that, in comparison to all the apps lately, that want you to watch ads, (or pay for a subscription ?! (Madness) BEFORE you even use the app! Excellent work Dev!

Amazing. I have found NO APP that is so simple. Every single app either gives you automatic background erasing (unreliable) or manual erasing (hard to do accurately on a phone screen), but this app gives you some sort of semi-automatic feature that I have fallen in love with. I will literally send images to my phone from my computer just to use this app instead of anything I have on my computer. My ONLY complaint is that it's not a desktop app. I would pay for that.

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