“The Baby In Yellow” is a horror video game that has gained popularity for its terrifying gameplay and eerie storyline. Players are tasked with taking care of a seemingly innocent baby dressed in yellow, only to discover that it is possessed by an evil spirit. The game’s realistic graphics and sound effects intensify the sense of fear as players navigate through a haunted house, trying to escape the clutches of the malevolent baby. “The Baby In Yellow” is sure to leave players on the edge of their seats, ready for the next horrifying encounter.

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finished the latest chapter and it's so good! Story plot is juicy, it's creepy and unique and the graphics are amazing, it looks like a movie. The first two chapters are especially creepy but I really liked the problem solving on the cat chapters, it's not too easy and it's not too hard. I play on android poopy little phone and it runs smoothly too, I had to turn off the wifi to finish the game because ads make my phone glitch out but I'll make sure to use wifi when playing normally!

This game is really good so far! I like that there is a little bit of problem solving involved. It's definitely creepy, but so far it has only made me laugh. I am only a few nights into the game. Only 4 stars because of the controls. I am currently stuck on a high-pressure level where I keep running into walls and dropping things, which results in me repeatedly dying like the main idiot in a horror movie lol. The controls are very tricky when you need both speed and accuracy.

This game is great and has always worked well and been compatible with my android. Started having problems the last month with it, you cannot see the images. Right after the ads it goes to brown and yellow stripes like a bad glitch. I have cleared date, restarted phone, re installed the app. After a few weeks it's still having this issue, would love to know a fix so we can continue to play!

I liked it. Beat it, but I don't know what happens with the toybox. Kinda unnerving at times. Interesting puzzles. A good amount of detail. Good graphics, smooth game play. Never lagged or noticed any bugs.. A little awkward to control, but it works. I put him in the oven... idk, I just had too... It was fun. Pretty short, but I'm glad about that. Did get the chills. Worth a try for sure.

It's a neat game, however, it's rather simple and very short. I would suggest adding a run button and more jump scares. I like the story, perhaps expanding on it would be good as well. The one and only recorder, unless it changes each night (didn't check) only gives hints at what's going on and not very good ones. All in all though, good game and I look forward to the March 2023 Black Cat release.

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A babysitting horror game
Halloween update!
★ Decorations in the House and Laboratory
★ Find the evil clown outfit for the baby
★ Find a spooky ghost outfit for Newt
★ Halloween candies to feed to the baby
★ Bug fixes
★ Updated SDKs

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