Introducing “Baby in Pink Horror Games 3D,” a hair-raising adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat! Get ready to venture into a dark and ominous world filled with spine-chilling encounters. Navigate through surreal environments while being pursued by a terrifying baby doll dressed in pink. Solve mind-bending puzzles, unlock hidden secrets, and survive the nightmares that await. With its intense gameplay, stunning visuals, and eerie atmosphere, this game is perfect for horror aficionados craving a thrill. Brace yourself for an unforgettable fright-fest with Baby in Pink Horror Games 3D!

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Baby in Pink Horror Games 3D Tier List

It's okay so far, definitely reminds me of Baby in Yellow. I don't mind the ads that much except the one, the white box, you put in the middle of the top of the screen. It's annoying, distracting and gets in the way.

I would rate it a zero but I cant. This is the worst game I've ever played way to simple. Plus it's a major knock off of the baby in yellow. witch is my favorite game. yeah this game is trash

It good but my kid is now getting scared for some stupid stuff because it reminds him of the baby😮‍💨😮‍💨

I shouldn't give one star also but it is nice not speed and it is not at all moving this was came tell them please see this review and install your game if you can see that front front is there no that video that video you people see that and then you people see the review ok first for it is not it is not a game what means they are not attend moving fastly always if I'm going down after that go to take that baby to bed put the diaper it is coming speedly we can't able to do that it is worst game

i like it! Its a pretty good game but there is two probloms. This game is not very scary and i was looking for a scary or horror game. All you have to do is easily take care of the babby. also it kinda has a LOT of ads. U can still play the game but it is true. Over all its ok but i reccomend not getting it

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Enjoy baby in pink the amazing pink baby horror game. New mood added : Hotel Mode
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