Baby Adopter is a virtual pet game that allows players to care for and raise adorable babies. With a variety of baby characters to choose from, players can feed, dress, and play with their virtual babies, just like in real life. The game also includes various activities for the babies, such as brushing their teeth and taking them for walks. Players can customize their babies’ rooms and even adopt pets to keep them company. Baby Adopter provides a fun and interactive experience for anyone looking to practice their parenting skills.

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- 100 gold, 5 rubies, 2 diamonds, 10 resources, 1 equipment, 50 money, 3 items, 20 gems, 1 special item, 1 rare equipment.

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- Gold, gems, money, diamonds, resources, equipment, items: 100, 50, $500, 10, 200, stroller, baby clothes, toys.

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Baby Adopter Codes

List of Baby Adopter Codes

Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
e1MEZbSJ565October 6, 2023
Qh4WNq7szD923November 6, 2023
6LVNrzcRy396October 29, 2023
iRv5IMpWmr3877October 3, 2023
Pd7hSoDLKj938November 11, 2023

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

Baby Adopter Tier List

Cant open the app. It just crashes every time i try to open the app

its super fun no glitches and no ads for me well kinda but not often i love this game

Fantastic It's so nice taking care of the baby,I love the game

I really like the app. It's the only app I can find that is accessable with talkback, accept for the egg match and other extra ways to ern points. Never the less I enjoy the game a lot.

I have only been using it for two days but I can tell you that if you could only do things for a baby at this rate it would be a sorry situation. You need to have some of the stuff in groups. Such as give a kiss, hug, and then bed with the Pacifier. Or a bottle hug, kiss, and bed. Playtime, bath, food, and cuddle time. For every one you use together you get an extra couple of points.

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Baby Adopter Wiki

Baby Adopter is a babysitting, nursery and dress up game for people of all ages. In this release we added a link to Privacy Policy in the About; made upgrades for the Free Cell mini game and fixed a few bugs. Enjoy :)
Thanks for playing Baby Adopter! To make our game better for you, we release updates regularly. Follow us on Facebook to know what's new.

Every update of our Baby Adopter game includes improvements in graphics art and animations as well as for playing comfort and reliability. Every once in a while we add new features and new game locations for you in the game.

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