Baby Adopter Sea is a fun and educational game where kids can learn about marine life and caring for sea creatures. In this game, children can choose and adopt their own baby sea animal, such as a dolphin or a baby turtle, and take care of it by feeding and playing with it. They can also explore the underwater world, finding hidden treasures and meeting new friends along the way. Baby Adopter Sea provides a safe and interactive environment for kids to learn and have fun with sea animals.

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This games are amazing but maybe you could incorporate a mom in the game and we do things through her like hold the baby rock with a baby and just play with the baby that would make it more fun

love this game because it allows me, the blind user, to be able to still enjoy a sort of sim gaming experience that i love so much and can't find anywhere else

It's so Boring Like Soooo Super Bored I can't Sleep The baby Early and Then It's so Ugly To feed The baby👽

I have finished baby adoptersea what do I gain I finished it all and I played all these and I bought everything for this baby what do I gain in return what is my reward

I really enjoyed

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Baby Adopter Sea is a babysitting game with unique navy and sea theme. Hello! In this release we upgraded the Playroom and made additional fixes. Enjoy :)

Thanks for using Baby Adopter Sea! To make our game better for you, we release updates regularly.

Every update of our Baby Adopter Sea game includes improvements in graphics art and animations as well as for playing comfort and reliability. We regularly add new items to the existing collections. Every once in a while we add new features and new game locations for you in the game.

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