Awesome Tanks is a fun and addictive tank warfare game that will keep you entertained for hours. Battle through a series of levels, destroying enemy tanks and collecting power-ups along the way. The game features smooth controls and stunning graphics, immersing you in the action-packed gameplay. Upgrade your tank with various weapons and armor to become stronger and more formidable. With its engaging gameplay and challenging levels, Awesome Tanks is a must-play for tank enthusiasts and action game lovers.

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I love this game so much. Played the first and second game which both are great experiences. Very fun. Now this! This is awesome and indeed it is. Graphics are as advertised. I do have a few suggestions, maybe guving the music a more HD sound. it sounds like its missing the Treble to clear up the music. also the online portion of the game does not function. is it under revision? or is it under developement?. Overall a very grea game. cannot be disappointed. Controls could use a tad bit of work.

I like the game! It's super fun, and I hope it gets updates adding things like weapons, enemies, levels, etc. However, the difficulty spike was extremely unforgiving and unnecessary, as well as some later enemies being unnecessarily powerful. Also, the weapon and upgrade costs are WAY too high, either that or you get way too few coins for winning levels. You get more coins from ads than levels! Fix these issues please, and I will enjoy the game much more and give a five star rating.

This game actually turned out to be a lot better than what I was expecting. Reading through the reviews, a few people complained about the controls; the controls are fine. Sometimes, after not playing for a bit, the shoot button will be displaced dramatically, for whatever reason. Other than that, this game is great; enemies are engaging and interesting, there is a wide range of weaponry, and the custom levels really ties the game up in a neat little package of joy. I'm looking foward to updates

updated review: the teleports are now becoming a new feature and can be controlled and used. I have mastered it. you may want to try it out yourself :-) ………… start from the new level 76, the teleports are causing new bugs. enemy tanks are often teleported to outside the wall by error. you can see them but you can never destroy them, so you get stuck in that level forever. I tried level76 twice and fortunetly passed it, but for level 77, I tried 6 times already. always have this bug

This game provided a lot more from the original flash-like games (Awesome tanks & Awesome tanks 2) and gave it something some triple A games don't have, a map builder. Not to mention that the map builder has mechanics not in the campaign, or even the new modes like arena and I assume sudden death, and they are unique. Not to mention that the new campaign is over 100 levels unlike the original 15. The maps are also massive and contain stealth elements as well. 5/5, a big step up from the original

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Create and share levels with your friends! Upgrade your tank, wreck enemies! - New level editor element: level goal. If the level goal is set, player has to reach it to complete the level. Level with a goal may not contain enemies.
- Players can leave comments for user levels now.
- "bulldoze" level editor item that helps removing many custom elements quickly
- Other bug fixes and optimizations

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