AutoMate is a user-friendly car dashboard application that provides a seamless driving experience. With its intuitive interface, AutoMate offers convenient access to navigation, music, and apps while on the go. The app also features voice control, allowing users to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. AutoMate’s smart features include traffic updates, weather forecasts, and real-time location tracking, ensuring a hassle-free journey. Its customizable widgets make it easy to personalize the dashboard according to individual preferences. AutoMate is a must-have tool for anyone looking to enhance their driving experience.

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AutoMate – Car Dashboard

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AutoMate – Car Dashboard Reviews

SMS messages don't actually send. After you give your message, app doesn't prompt to send as it does in the screenshots. On the main screen, the current location bar works maybe 10% of the time. After adjusting settings in the app, it is necessary to completely exit and restart before changes are active. Switching from map apps (Google Maps to theirs) causes app to crash. Selecting a location to go to doesn't work and the map will not start giving directions. This app is 50% functional.

Would love to love this app, but it fails at the one thing I want to keep from Android Auto, the use of Google maps. It says it should let me do that in the options, but it still defaults to the Automate maps, and when I click Google maps, it bring me to the default Google maps, not the car version like Android Auto. I wish there was a way to fix this, otherwise just gonna have to stick with Android Auto.

I prefer this app over the Google auto app because it offers quite a few more features than the Google Auto app. Do I do have one grape oh, this app just doesn't seem to display Google Maps properly in the map section. I would prefer it display the actual Google Map rather than its own proprietary off the wall map. Because when it does this it misses a lot of features that Google Maps has to offer

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