Autolink is a crucial feature in software development that automatically converts URLs or email addresses into hyperlinks, saving users the hassle of manually coding them. This functionality is commonly integrated into various applications, including text editors, email clients, and web development tools. Autolink enhances the user experience by simplifying the process of adding clickable links, ultimately saving time and effort. Additionally, it helps prevent errors and ensures the accuracy of the links. Whether used in emails, documents, or websites, Autolink streamlines the task of creating interactive and navigable content, contributing to a more seamless browsing and communication experience.

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Autolink Reviews

After seeing all of the one * star reviews, I still decided to try this app. Dang I'm glad I did. It works perfectly. I just connected my Samsung 23 to our Landrover USB port and it connected instantly. It works perfect. Everything on the phone screen is duplicated excatly on the Android Auto display. "Everything" Netfix, email, maps, photo gallery... There is no car screen touch control. This is simply a perfect screen mirror of the phone to the car.

This app doesn't work on my S21 Plus, I'll connect it to the car stereo and it'll loop and state "there are no apps that work with the connected phone". And judging from the reviews it doesn't look like there's much developer help and or support whatsoever. It also doesn't scale properly to my car screen u unfortunately. Would be nice if the developer fixed the bugs with this app.

Awsome app, This app is working perfectly. Those who are facing "no audio" in stereo when contacted with auto link needs to pair Bluetooth first and keeping that ON needs to connect stereo with phone for autolink. Trust me it works like charm. Also people expeting to open the app and see some menu..thats useless because there is no software UI for this. Only pop up will come when contacted properly, just select "Start" and it will start mirroring the screen.

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