Auto Heroes is an exciting mobile game that puts you in the driver’s seat of powerful cars. Choose from a wide range of vehicles, from sleek sports cars to epic monster trucks, and compete in thrilling races and challenges. Customize your ride with a variety of upgrades and paint jobs to make it truly unique. Dominate the tracks and test your skills against other players in multiplayer mode. With jaw-dropping graphics and realistic physics, Auto Heroes will keep you hooked for hours of adrenaline-pumping action. Download now and become an Auto Hero!

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- 5,000 gold, 3 gems, 2 diamonds, 1 ruby, 10 resources, 1 legendary equipment, 100,000 money, 4 items, 20 equipment, 2,000 rubies, 50,000 gold.

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- 3,000 gold, 1,500 gems, $50, 50 diamonds, 100 wood, 10 epic weapons, 5 healing potions, 20 energy drinks, 6 silver keys, 2 legendary heroes, 500 iron, 1 rare amulet, 30 stamina potions, 3 magic scrolls.

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czS6QuGB907October 22, 2023
hwFNO3rQUa961September 27, 2023
jLnzr9UMe831September 20, 2023
wfvn9HqtGFU524October 18, 2023
S45ZI8sAGu161September 28, 2023

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Like the game but it says new version is available almost every time i log in when i open up the store its up to date. Couldn't really play much cuz of it. Successfully logged in just twice on day 3 of installation..... Edit: i would rate higher but the problem remains the same though the gameplay is good Edit again: I really coudnt add more star because now the issue happens while i was ingame its really annoying

It is a good fun game but it gets hard way too soon. I'm only on chapter 2 and already stucked. The only way to proceed is to pay. The game developers needs to give us better rewards. After reaching level 20 with my heroes, the level up started to get complicated and that is way too soon.

Graphic style is nice. Thats all the good things one can say as the rest of the game is trash. Devs made a unique system simular to energy but instead where energy was only thing impending progress. This game takes this to the extreme as outside of gold which is pretty useless and vastly rarely used the other 4 or 5 resources are extremely lacking. Not even many heroes as its already hard to progress with upgrading already pitiful amount of heroes in the game. This game isn't p2w. Its like f2p you get stuck behind 100 pay walls. P2w players will feel great after climbing a wall to be hit with 99 more pay walls to go. Pretty unique to give neither side any satisfaction so I guess its fair. Garbage game.

i've playing idle games for 4 years and so on.... Auto Heroes was such a nice game in the beggining and... only in the beggining. I spent over $100 on this game and i'd like to request a refund. The design is good, but with 2 weeks playing you forget the game exists. I spent almost 70 hrs collecting 10k diamonds for the "new" event which in the description we'll have a chance to get rare chatacters but.... man, it was just a rip off of the previous event. There's no reason to keep playing a game with THE SAME EVENT in a whole month. Do not waste your time and your money playing this. It's hilarious how the team works, they make the same event all day, all week and all month. The same, just chaning the image and description. I'll try everything i can to request a refund, because, what's the point to waste money and time to do the same whole thing again again again? Don't install this game, please.

Good game generally. Some improvement ideas: I would love to see an evolution type sistem, not only star up system. I like the ambush type fights, they are very entertaining, keep doing more in that direction. Also stories are quite borring , try to add some boses every now and then + some story to feel like im progressing ,, not only blind fights Since is only the beginning i hope the game will look better in future.

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Auto Heroes: Strategy & Idle game Fixed some known bugs

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