In the world of warfare, tanks hold immense strategic importance. However, they are not invincible. One of the most feared scenarios on the battlefield is an attack on a tank. This can occur through various means, such as anti-tank missiles, RPGs, or even improvised explosive devices. The goal of such attacks is to disable or destroy the tank, rendering it useless or causing significant damage. Tank crews are trained to constantly be aware of potential threats and take necessary precautions to minimize the risk of an attack.

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Would be a good app, realistic tanks and controls, if it weren't for the third level of every single stage. There is no winning. Even going to the other side of the map to avoid close encounters with enemies and take shots, there are always an autistic amount of enemies spawning right on top of you, inevitably leading to failure. Also, I get that shots won't always go exactly where they're supposed to, but the inaccuracy is so hilariously bad that you can miss shots on heavy tanks at 60 meters.

This is one of the BEST tank games I have ever seen in my life. Sure the graphics are bad, but that's fine, because the gameplay is amazing! Here's a few things I think it needs because it's not perfect (Still amazing!): 1. More levels! The game is good, but it's pretty short 2. More text options. It multiplayer, there is a few pre-made things you can say, but there still should be a few more. Or a "proper" chat should be made(yes, I know it was just updated to give more options)

Good Game but needs a little tweeking. Sometimes the round goes through an enemy tank and hits the dirt on the opposite side without detonating like the tank isn't really there. Another issue is a German King Tiger shooting an American Sherman 8 times before it explodes isn't realistic at all. I would like to have an inside the turret view to give it added realism. It's still a great game though, great work so far

I love the realism in this game, but you could add a few things such as. interractable objects like breaking through houses and knocking down trees. also maybe adding new tanks, maps, and missions. also adding an in game chat so we can talk to eachother other than the limited options we already have. those are just some ideas that I hope are not beyond your limits. thank you and im glad you might take this into consideration.

I will give this a four because the campaign is to complex and the things i want you to add and fix 1) joystick when i try to do a stop turn i just wen to reverse and doesnt even turn very well 2) tech tree it is really fun when you have a tech tree 3) earning gold without buying it in the shop, it will be amazing if you would add that in the game to buy tanks and that would be all

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A role-playing, ultra-realistic combat game recreates tank tactics of the time! - New weapon : M18 Hellcat (remodeling)
- Towing of artillery by tanks
- Improved mission end reason display
- Improved tank location display
- Added battlefield noise BGM
- Fixed minor bugs

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