Astra Coupon Codes (2023 May) 1.2.1

Last update March 9, 2023

Astra – such an exciting arcade game will take you to a completely different dimension, moreover, you will have to confront real monsters, evil forces that know no boundaries in battle.

Put on a safety helmet, and then go to the astral world, where an unprecedented number of planets, and you always need to follow the rules of gravity. It is rational to periodically move from planet to planet, collect extraordinary spheres, and also destroy all your rivals. Believe me, not only the unusual graphics will surprise you, but also the features of Greek mythology, plus a bright atmospheric soundtrack. You can show all your skills.

Active Astra VIP Codes

UFBg2Exxxxx Get

- Gold x6854K, Gems x526, Coins x43915

6P7KaHxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x236, Money x13264, Resources x3427K

Astra – an exciting arcade game Codes

List of Astra – an exciting arcade game Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
JTCpUxPLSfQApril 4, 2023688
E80WhKiP7puDMarch 26, 2023786
8pDxQJk7lSApril 26, 2023789
QA0iZ2YLe7mApril 27, 2023982
ofxIWPDCrpiApril 10, 2023939

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Amazing graphics, great soundtrack, nice level design. The one-touch gameplay is original and works with gravity around small planets, very simple yet kinda hard to master (you have to time your jump very carefully in order to effectively get from one planet to another). I find it interesting but a bit frustrating all in all. Another issue is that the game itself is pretty short and after a while it gets pretty repetitive.

edit: i got so hooked i played this game on hard to get a perfect score of 3 on nearly every level to add up to 42. then looked on the leaderboard to see that people scored 90 points!!! i guessed that the maximum score would be 45? what am i missing? because if I'm missing out on half the game i wanna know so i can play that too! amazing platform game, love swinging around the gravity of the planets, best soundtrack and art design...

Fresh art direction and innovative gameplay. Imagine if Mario Galaxy was blended with an ancient Greek mythological aesthetic. Takes a little while to master the jump timing and while you learn you may be frustrated by jumping to a different planet than the one you were aiming for. Levels get more interesting as you go. Good work!

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Play with gravity! Explore an unique mythological universe. One touch runner. IAP to unlock Fire world and remove Ads.

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