Asteroids Invaders – Space Sho is an exciting and action-packed game set in outer space. As a brave space shooter, your mission is to defend Earth from a swarm of deadly asteroids. Armed with your trusty spaceship and powerful weapons, you must blast through waves of invaders and eliminate the threat. Dodge, shoot, and strategize to survive and protect our planet. With stunning graphics and intense gameplay, Asteroids Invaders – Space Sho will keep you hooked for hours. Get ready to embark on a thrilling intergalactic adventure and save humanity!

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- 10 gold, 5 gems, 3 rubies, 1 diamond, 2 equipment, 2000 money, 20 resources, 4 items, 2 gold, 1 ruby.

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- 10 gold, 25 gems, $1000, 5 diamonds, 50 resources, powerful laser, invincibility shield, energy boost.

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Asteroids Invaders – Space Sho Codes

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
bdhpqZHU534October 22, 2023
LMKadkyUBW658September 24, 2023
2LhAtSEZj306October 12, 2023
KSvwcEMxaVJ177September 27, 2023
0Y8hG5jc96219October 12, 2023

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Asteroids Invaders – Space Sho Tier List

Ok, AWESOME concept, the graphics are intense, but the controls SUCKED A$$...I played it less than 90 seconds because you have a MAJOR LACK OF CONTROL! Now you have a *how to play, and it's helpful, but the biggest problem with this game is.... who is their main AUDIENCE? Cell phone/tablets or laptop/computer users? Of course I found this in Google play on my Android, but the controls SUCKED...If you want to try to master this 1980's retro mash-up, more power to ya, Young Grasshoppah!👽👽👽

Really fun game, it's like playing Asteroids and Space Invaders all rolled into one. Awesome Virtual Joystick lets tou use both thumbs for complete control. Best Controls I have ever seen in a space shooter. Like the user friendly changes that have been made 😀

Amazing game! Just love this game. It brings me back my Childhood, when I used to play space game a lot. Control was a little bit harder at 1st time but now I have learned how to control them. Stunning Graphics.

I was looking for a space shooting game like a years, but didn't find any that meets my requirements. I then I found this one. Really! Enjoy a lot playing this game. Would be better if you guys added some new features. Thanks

I used to love classic space shooter game like asteroids and love this remake. Great graphics, sound and controls are really good for a touch screen mobile game.

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Classic retro space invaders & space shooter game. Addictive alien shooter. The share button has now been fixed so you can share your best moments with your friends!

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