Ash of Gods: Tactics is a turn-based tactical role-playing game that offers a gripping narrative and challenging battles. Set in a beautifully dark and unforgiving fantasy world, every decision you make has consequences that can impact the lives of your characters. With its unique gameplay mechanics and stunning hand-drawn art style, Ash of Gods: Tactics takes players on an emotional journey where survival is not guaranteed. Whether you are a seasoned strategy enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, this game is sure to keep you engaged and immersed in its rich storytelling.

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Very nice art, but I have some issues with the game. 1) The AI scales like crazy - stats are inflated and everything they have is way upgraded and it makes the battles feel unfair. 2) It's not pay-to-win, more like pay-to-not-suck. I spent $10 on a starter pack (not worth it) and I'm still getting trounced by the Frisian boss on normal difficulty. 3) Energy mechanics and locking things like new heroes behind paywalls does not make for a good experience.

I really the battles, it would be cool to see some environmental changes (longer or wider battle grid, areas that cause damage, lanes that don't go all the way to the enemy hero etc.) That being said I'm still really early in the game but the gameplay isn't locked behind a paywall which is a plus, and the art style is great.

The gameplay is original although a bit reparative and the graphics are great. That said the main downfall of this game is the difficulty of enemies scales up very fast while you very slowly acquire your builds bits and pieces. Without throwing money at the problem, fun quickly turns into a grindy reroll experience where everything has to go absolutely perfectly from turn one options for you to stand a chance of progressing.

So much potential, so little to do. Nice looking game that I really want to like. Gameplay and mechanics are good, problem is it becomes way too hard way too fast. Missions become a nightmare in the first chapter due to the games over use of Frissians who have high hit points and damage your character every turn. So grind away and hope you draw characters strong enough to kill because you certainly won't level them the way the required exp grows exponentially. A few fixes and this game is a gem

There's a good game here somewhere. Unfortunately, between the constant server reconnect errors, error logging into Google to sync account and almost complete lack of any instructions, I give up. No explanation is given on how to uograde cards, how battles work. Its all trial and error. This game BADLY needs more tutorials and link to a guide or instructions.

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The Reapers are here, and the world is on fire. Will you face the Reaping? Skovos event ends.
Stability improvements.

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