Art Of War 3 – testing of this gameplay has begun, which showed that the game is unique in many respects, is a real-time strategy, has no analogues on the Android platform.

The main task is to resist other players, think over unique tactics, and also develop extraordinary strategies, simultaneously improving infantry and equipment, tanks, aircraft and fleet, all this will make it possible to surpass the opponent in many ways. In principle, the main action takes place in the future, the world began to conflict. It is worth choosing a personal side, and then defending in parallel with other commanders in order to gain the long-awaited leadership.

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This is an extremely fun game, i enjoy each and every mission, and the fact that you can switch between factions freely is awesome. Everything about this game is extremely well made and programmed. Some issues though, the AI will sometimes ignore the commands and proceed in different, more dangerous pathways, and another minor issue, the missions seem to kind of repeat, but other than that, this game is one of the best strategy games I've ever seen, i really hope it keeps doing well.

love the game, personally. I'm really picky about my mobile games, but after the first half hour of playing this, I knew this was one I would enjoy. playing this reminds me of the old Star Wars galactic battlegrounds, although it's not quite in depth. (But it's not a large budget PC game, either.) One thing that most games like this fail in is the controls when managing troops. This though has multiple different ways to select squads, and I was impressed to find I even had a patrol option! 9/10

Awesome game but extremely difficult for new players to compete with those who've been playing for months up to 3 years. The upgrade times are hellacious. There needs to be a balance if you want to draw new players. Players upgrade times to match how long they've been playing. Of course loyalty needs to be appreciated for the older players, but without cash this game is extremely difficult past rank 7 if you can't spend tons to catch up on upgrades. Otherwise I think this is one of the best games

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Build your base, invent your victorious tactic, battle with other players online Changes:
- We fixed a problem when a player tapped the rewind to the beginning button during battle replay mode, and it caused an error.
- From now on, the animation of unit production will no longer disappear in production buildings.
- Mole animation errors during switching to siege mode were fixed.
- The main screen was optimized.
- The voice chat was deleted.
- We fixed an error when a clan leader had no "Exclude" button.

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