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The Arrow War, also known as the Second Opium War, was a conflict that took place from 1856 to 1860. It was fought between the British Empire and the Qing Dynasty of China. The war was sparked by the seizure of the British merchant ship Arrow by Chinese authorities. This incident triggered a series of military actions and battles. The war resulted in the defeat of the Qing Dynasty and led to the signing of the Treaty of Tientsin, which granted more trade privileges to foreign powers in China.

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RWv3hDyb214January 3, 2024
byQpthGAjz707December 3, 2023
BnczhO3wk416December 24, 2023
VRIQNXrbDy1147January 12, 2024
8YybO7Nw4U932December 16, 2023

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I maxed out most skills and all of the map after a month and a half. I am a free player that is currently rank 40. This game is a very fun time killer. I hit a couple walls in progress but each time I figured out a new system to raise my stats. Investing in making more resources really does everything in the long run. Lived how crazy this game is. I wish you could see what perks an arrow has before they get unlocked though, would make it easier to choose what to use early on

So far I have enjoyed the game quite a lot. The gameplay is simple, yet fun. While the progression is smooth (as long as you upgrade your arrows). Personally I am only at wave 200. But there is one main issue with the game, and that is back in december the monthly and weekly challenges stopped rotating all together. A real shame as I was holding onto gear for a legendary transfusion so i could get the 777 gems. Luckily the towns and crystal generatoes made up for it though.

Good time killer. Can make good advances while away as long as you steadily increase colony storage and production. No in app purchases necessary if you're patient. Only issues are 1) some clarity on what upgrading some components actually do, like regenerating rock, and 2) in game time doesn't continue if you leave the game but it's still open in the background. Cargo ship doesn't continue and time frame for quests gets offset and can mess up weekly quest completion.

The game is pretty enjoyable,but it has lots of flaws. Gold is very slow to obtain, besides at the beginning, along with the other resources. The game forces ads, even when i already watch the other dozen that give rewards. You get an ad basically after every stage, at least toss a reward on those. Most annoying issue is stamina, it regens at an okay pace, however losing a stage uses up said stamina,which is dumb,since the stamina cap is small,and stages cost more energy to attack.

Game is incredibly addicting, I like that it tells you how many hours youve spent on it, (60 for me, very rare personally) only issue I have with this game is that they charge you 17 bucks to get rid of ads, and this game suuuucks with ads, so since it was so expensive I was under the impression you'd see new bosses or enemies, but around level 400 or so youve essentially beaten the game. The waves becomes a boring chore and progression becomes meaningless without challenge by lvl 400. Im @ 700.

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