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ArgoVPN Coupon Reviews

That's one of the kind.... especially for heavy filtering of authority..... Thank you Top Notch......Just there's one issue might be the negative point.... In the Bridge type ,we have to get the code request, there's a lot of connection problem and most of the time I have to 6,7 times to take a capcha until responded the bridge code.... But after that I've got to say , there's no Disconnect or slow or ....infact it make the speed of net as Booster

3 months ago it was great but day after day it got weaker dur to increase in users and suppress from government to the point it was useless and so many people Uninstalled it for example the app told to go to a link and get a unique bridge key so by inserting it can connect but when you get the bridge the app told the key is invalid or used despite the fact that 2 seconds ago it was provided by app, total nonsense

There is an issue with latest update in direct mode. Whenever I want to connect, the app crashes. I cleared the cache, restarted my phone, stopped the app and reopened it but still the problem persists. Also sometimes I can't connect under any circumstances! I should run another VPN and tunnel Argo to let it connect! Sometimes it scares me to get disconnected forever :/

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