Shooting archery is an ancient art that requires both skill and precision. Whether you’re a seasoned archer or just starting out, there is something incredibly satisfying about hitting your target dead center. Archery stimulates focus and concentration, forcing the mind to quiet and the body to still. It promotes hand-eye coordination and balance, making it a great activity for physical and mental fitness. Shooting archery provides a sense of challenge and accomplishment, encouraging personal growth and self-improvement. So grab your bow and arrows and get ready to aim for the bullseye!

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Alot of ads. Every time after the session, but the good thing is they are short. Sometimes the time drawn from the slow creeping line at bottom of page but usually there all optional on the duration of the ad. I think this app has improved alot since I last performed here. Nice sound effects bright colors.. although I'm in the mid hundreds the big chest with combo numbers on the front , is frozen or somethin.gotakillerbowthough.Absolutly hate the 140 slot. Can't get my game on that for nothing!

Good game. Good for practicing hitting a target. Don't need zoom if you know what your doing. Sucks it stopped at level 368. Finished all the levels in a few days since it doesn't take long with each level. Would be nice if a lot more levels were added and less ads would be good too. Some of the levels also do not let you get 3 stars which is really annoying for a perfectionist.

It'd be better if they would fix buggy levels like level 150 - doesn't matter what you do, you can't get better than one star on that level. Also it would be nice if it was easier to jump back to re-shoot earlier levels, instead of having to drag the screen dozens of times. If you DO go back to shoot an earlier level, as soon as you finish, it jumps back to the highest level you finished, instead of the next one. And it just stops at level 368? Nothing to tell you it's done, it just stops there.

More difficult areas of targets should score higher, like necks of bottles. 150 levels in, I like that the difficulty has been increasing. It's a bit unrealistic in that you hit moving targets where you aim, without the need to lead them. Still fun to pass time with, though. Only 368 levels?!? WE NEED MORE!!! Why does it get super easy at 350 instead of progressing harder like it was prior to that?

I close the app after every level and immediately open it to the next level. I never have to sit through an add. If I did, I wouldn't waste my time. It's fun enough testing my aim, patience, calmness, strategy, etc. I'm over level 300, with 99 percent accuracy. If I pass a level, I don't go back just to get all three stars. But I've had to repeat one or two levels repeatedly just to pass!

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Best shooting games ever, varity of bow, arrow and targets.

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