Arcadium is a space arcade game with shooter elements made in a pixel style. The Android version has retained the recognizable style, original atmosphere and musical accompaniment of the popular shooter.

The combination of timeless classics and modern innovations will appeal to connoisseurs of dynamic arcade games. Controlling a spaceship, you need to destroy the enemies coming in waves. The arcade has one level that can last indefinitely if the player is skilled enough. The ship can be pumped by collecting a variety of bonuses that drop out of the destroyed enemy.

Active Arcadium – Space Shooter VIP Codes

QSBlKvxxxxx Get

- Gold x4579K, Gems x765, Coins x32986

UV2Hokxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x659, Money x49617, Resources x1859K

Arcadium – Space Shooter Codes

List of Arcadium – Space Shooter Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
AtrjL8xldz3June 16, 2023818
Hg0K6GNm5IZJJune 17, 2023891
le63TJOVhtJune 17, 2023374
gjYsuX4ETqQJuly 7, 2023741
MJqbS1T5s73June 26, 2023198

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Arcadium – Space Shooter Redeem Code

Arcadium – Space Shooter Tier List

There's no school like the old school! Excellent controls, cool music and sound effects, awesome gameplay, and great retro visuals all add up to a superb good time! Plus, there are a load of different ships to choose from, each with unique abilities! Honestly, I didn't expect ARCADIUM to be this good. I'm glad that I was wrong. It's waaaaay better than I was expecting! Excellent job devs!

its a classic shoot-em up game but better. there are a wide variety of ships you can use, so it wont feel awkward having to try another play style. There are in game purchaces. However not only are they super cheap, but you can also access everything they give you without spending a cent by watching ads. speaking of ads there are none unless you choose to watch them. overall, its a fun game with a lot of variety in enemies, bosses, and ships 10/10

Awesome, I've been craving a game like this. The other ones are way too easy and fast, this game is challenging and it motivates you to try and beat your high score. The sounds are satisfying, and the controls are smooth and precise. I wish it would play more of a sound when you take damage though, sometimes I'd take damage and not even notice, and suddenly I'd have a surprise game over.

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Arcadium – Space Shooter Wiki

Arcadium is the classic arcade space shooter, retro shmup game! New masteries: "Reflect buff", "Gem Buff" and "Energy Leech".
Increased overall gem drop rate from enemies by ~50%.
Prices for higher cost masteries has been decreased.
New premium spaceship "Aion".
Several improvements and bugs fixes.

Newly Updated Code:
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