Arcadium – Space War – an entertaining arcade game with scrolling shooter elements in a nice pixel style and old-school gameplay. Take control of a space fighter and engage in exciting battles in the vastness of space. You are waiting for epic battles with numerous opponents and powerful bosses. Destroy opponents, get valuable rewards and unlock new ships and talents. The game pleases with dynamic gameplay, bright visual design, an impressive selection of warships with unique characteristics and great music.

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KzXylDH2og4 October 12, 2022 465
xVWQ6oZNDF4b October 17, 2022 693
xymwYZAa0d November 2, 2022 863
8kF1CZdU3hs December 4, 2022 491
xFfQq2gdX6j October 16, 2022 741

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I love this game. I played the first Arcadium for hours on end and got endless enjoyment out of it. The graphics are fun and colorful, the enemies are varied and the boss fights can be very challenging. The one problem I have is controlling it. With this new control scheme having a tiny control stick that could potentially block some of the game field is very counterintuitive. I would love if you added controller support and even dual stick controller support so we can fire where we want. Thx!!!

When I play a game where I have multiple different choices to buy stuff with coins, it sucks to have made the mistake of purchasing something that wasnt actually good. There are two viable methods of progressing without going insane. The first way, is to make educated guesses on what ship is going to be good based on the description. The other way, is to do whatever the next achievement tells you to do. Dev Advice: tips and then stats in the top left of the main menu, ship sorting button.

In my opinion, a great game, but not quite as much fun as the first one I like that its unique- Arcadium 2{old name} isn't an upgrade of the classic one so much as it is a new entry with familiar (and expanded) stylistic elements. Where the first one starts off super fun and starts to lose its charm after a while, this one seems less exciting at first until you find yourself playing it more as you get a little better each time. I'm a bit biased because I'm better at vertical shmup controls🤷‍♂️

I love the first arcadium. There isn't a device i own that I haven't installed and played it on near religiously. After trying this one I was put off as the style is totally different. But it was only minutes before that didn't matter. The game is great. Especially for what it is. It's nearly impossible find a game that is fun with replay value, easy to learn yet challenging but not impossible, and is COMPLETELY AD-FREE. this one hits all the marks A++ 5*. Thank you for making a quality game.

Like others have noted moving is a little slow. I think the game might be easier to play if it had a relative virtual touchpad control option in addition to the joystick. A lot of times I'm looking at where my thumb is on the screen so I can turn accurately. With relative touch controls it would be more like the ship being a cursor. I was a big fan of the first game, and was a little disappointed that the gameplay is so different but it does have potential if the control issue can be addressed.

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Arcadium-Space War Tier List

The new spaceship "Autumnus" is now available!
Prices for the pets "Primum" and "Staium Navis" has been reduced.
Prices for most skills has been reduced (up to 50%).
The Chaser skill's HP and duration has been improved.
Summer event is now available in the events menu.
New achievements "Skillful" and "Veteran".
Minor bugs fixes.
Minor improvements.

Name Arcadium – Space War
Version 1.24
Price FREE
Rating 4.5 (1108 ratings)
Category Codes
Update October 8, 2022
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