is a popular mobile game that lets you slide and race through water slides in a fun and thrilling way. The objective is to reach the finish line first by dodging obstacles and outsmarting other players. The game features colorful and immersive water world graphics, along with exciting power-ups and boosters that can give you an edge over your opponents. With simple controls and addictive gameplay, is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping gaming experience on their mobile devices.

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Very fun controls, but the game looks poor and unfinished and the game has problems. First, the graphics are just awful. Some locations flickr and don't load, and others just look like shapes. Second, the place of other players many times does not add up. I could jump off the track in the beginning and land right next to the end with a very large advantage, but then the other players spawn right next to me as if they took the same path but they did not. Every race is "close" even when it isn't.

I like this app! Although there are some pros and cons. Pros are, I like the design of this game and it's pretty addicting. Cons, most of the computer programmed characters literally teleport! I'd jump off the slide and be about half the slide away from them and just like that they'd appear right beside me. When I would jump, the game would suddenly become very laggy. Please fix this.

Game has a lot of potential, but is way too easy, and you could beat every "level" in one day. Then it just goes back to the beginning, and you are only collecting skins at that point. True online multi-player would by far make this game so much more challenging, and there should be a way to remove ads, but the icon only gives you an error message.

Would've given 5 stars if there weren't so many ads. Overall a fun game but the ads ruin it. All the other players are bots which makes it hard to get to other areas. For example: I try to get to the end fast and end up landing on the very last pipe. What happens next? Like, 5 bot players spawn behind me stealing my win. Also, one time after I died, I tried to go back to the title screen to play again. But it didn't let me, it just kept on opening the play store for some messaging app.

On some of the levels, the floor glitches out and flashes between two colors. It is very annoying and hurts my eyes, and it could also cause seizures for those who are vulnerable. There is also another glitch where when I slide of the slide it takes me back to the starting point. The game is way to glitchy, but other than that its okay. Two stars taken off for the glitches. Coupon Codes Wiki

Slide, splash, and race to the finish line in! Minor bug fixes

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