Angry Birds Dream Blast is an arcade puzzle game with powerful graphics and a fun theme about angry birds fighting scary pigs. This time they need to break the multi-colored soap bubbles that keep falling and falling and surround the bird from all sides.

Collect them by color in order to burst as much as possible at once, because you need not only to release the bird, but also to deliver the eggs to the very bottom without breaking them. It’s good that the game has bonuses in the form of friendly characters with their abilities, because the levels seem endless. Adults will be attracted by the fact that the bubbles will fall under the influence of gravity, like real ones.

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A2qs3rDGJx6 January 16, 2023 675
OZ2TECQemA4 December 28, 2022 416

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I WAS having a lot of fun. The game will say you have to get rid of a certain color bubble or item. However the item you're supposed to get rid of won't display and it will prompt you to pay coins or purchase to continue to play. Maybe it's a glitch but seems predatory. Uninstaller after an hour.

Very fun game with a wide variety of levels. The only major con is the difficulty of some levels that pretty much require spending power ups or coins to beat instead of skill (and some luck). They should add a rating poll after beating a level to try and adjust the difficulty rating. Some which are marked as normal difficulty are actually harder than the ones marked as very difficult.

The game is fun, I understand that the point of the game is to make money. That being said, making levels so hard that not only does it take several attempts to pass, but when it's finally won, the win is truly by the last possible move. Not to mention that the ads for bonus items....Every time I watch one the game crashes. Then When I restart the game, said itam is missing from my inventory. I'm close to Stop playing and uninstalling the game..

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The festive season has brought a magical atmosphere to Angry Birds Dream Blast. Immerse yourself in the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle:
- NEW EVENT: Mighty Ice Cream! Who can get the highest score without failing a level? Buckle up and pile up the ice cream!
- Holiday SEASON PASS!
- Chuck is going to have special events running during December, keep an eye out and be ready to compete!

Name Angry Birds Dream Blast
Version 1.48.1
Price FREE
Rating 4.6 (406142 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 15, 2022
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