Ancient battles captivate our imagination as we try to fathom the magnitude of these historical conflicts. From the Trojan War to the Battle of Thermopylae, these clashes shaped the course of civilizations and altered the world’s landscape. The strategies, weapons, and warriors of ancient battles continue to astound us. From the formidable phalanxes of ancient Greece to the swift chariots of Mesopotamia, each civilization brought its unique methods and weaponry to the battlefield. Exploring these ancient battlefields is like unlocking the secrets of our human past and honoring the bravery and sacrifices made by our ancestors.

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Its fun, when it works but the ads (and there are a LOT of ads) crash or lag so long it takes 3-4 minutes to finish a 20-30 sec ad. And I don't know how they have the matching algorithms set up but it seems I MUST loose 3-4 battles in a row before I'm matched up with players at my level. It's otherwise an addictive fun way to waste some time and, if you choose, $.$$

Pretty decent game play loop. Standard io style game play, but the energy system sucks, and everything in the game is designed to make you spend or watch ads. There's definitely pay to win here, and the leader board bonuses will only ever be available for people who spend, or people who've played for months. In some cases, the ads you have to watch to get the energy to play last longer than the stage you're trying to play.

Read a lot of negative reviews, but haven't had many issues so far. One complaint was the ads, but it's really no worse than any other freemium game out there. Yes, there are ads. Yes, you can watch a lot of ads for different things, but they're short ads and none of them are mandatory. I haven't reached the level mentioned where the curve spikes, may update if/when that happens. But so far, the gameplay is smooth, the controls are simple and responsive, and the graphics are sufficient.

An interesting game, and easy to get addicted to. Unfortunately, this game is extremely slanted into "pay-to-win," as it utterly grinds to a halt, forcing the player to watch ads for daily rewards or to spend money on a season pass to get 7× the benefits. I will take no part in either, especially considering that a lot of it seems to almost be luck based.

Adequate. The game ate my gems about 10 days ago. No response from tech support. The real annoyance is the game locks up my android phone and the only solution is to reboot it. Incredibly annoying. The game play is cool and I am at a point where I am getting bored with it as it is mostly repetative. The start of every game is a random event of a troop quantity. If you are lucky, you get a good amount. If you are unlucky, you do not and the other players kill you. I have not found a solution.

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