In the aftermath of an intergalactic war, you are one of the few surviving aliens on a war-ravaged planet. As an Alien Survivor, you must navigate hostile environments, scavenge for resources, and fend off aggressive creatures. Use your enhanced alien abilities to solve puzzles and find hidden treasures whilst unraveling the mysteries of your home planet’s downfall. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Alien Survivor offers a thrilling and challenging experience for fans of survival and sci-fi genres. Can you uncover the truth behind the alien invasion and secure a future for your species?

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5hoqjc6b773December 2, 2023
pP8yqVuxMe400December 29, 2023
OpM0o7NJ1121November 29, 2023
KMhEu5jgZr3593December 20, 2023
l6p2axgToL170November 26, 2023

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Alien Survivor Tier List

It's a pretty fun game. Awesomely, Compared to other games like it, they are not stingy with the loot. Simple but fun. 2 days now I've purchased weapons (almost 10k cash total) from the daily shop and they have never shown up. Using your pricing for cash, that's equal to almost $50.00 CAD. It's absurd that the shop built into the game, using in game currency, doesnt work. Please resolve this

So you've got a ton of ads who doesn't but when you get past the ads expect the game to glitch. Don't get to close to the edge you'll get stuck. When you buy something only expect to receive half the time. Not sure how the living works, will destroy a lv then play it again and lose hmmm.

Fun but buggy, sometimes doesn't know level is finished must quit, duplicate ads or after another, control is quirky.

Would have played this game more but you have to watch ads to play certain levels, thought this was going to be better but its another ads watch to play. I dont mind ads to get items or buffs, not just to keep progressing.

Bought a Legendary ScarH on daily shop, I lost the money but didn't get the gun.

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Shoot 'em up, defeat all of aliens, be the last survivor. Add New Lucky Token Event

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