In 2021, air fryers have revolutionized baking with their rapid cooking process and health-conscious approach. For those seeking precise airfryer baking times, the year 2021 brings a multitude of resources and guides to ensure perfect results every time. From crispy onion rings to fluffy cupcakes, the air fryer’s versatility and efficiency make it suitable for a wide range of baking endeavors. With updated techniques and recipes, 2021 emphasizes the air fryer’s potential to create delectable baked goods in record time, making it a must-have kitchen appliance for any baking enthusiast.

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Airfryer Baking Times – 2021

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Airfryer Baking Times – 2021 Reviews

Only gave 3 stars for basing this review on my first few moments using the app. Seemed rudimentary, but i thought could have secret potential. Tried searching for portobello mushrooms. Sadly this particular item did not exist in the system. Disappointment was followed immediately with an ad. Uninstalled

Great Idea. This app appears to be very young at the moment as it only has a relatively small data bank of answers, but it does rely on user input to warrant it's value. You might need to translate some of the Dutch names but that hasn't put me off. You must remember however that every air fryer is different and so baking times have to be approximate. If you need this app then your probably like me, new to air-frying and ours has no help provided.

A simple conversion tool would help, then save it with the products barcode for faster usage.

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