Air Combat 1941 is an arcade air combat simulator with shooter elements. Events in the game will take you to the past, where you can take part in heated battles high in the air. Get behind the wheel of a combat aircraft and join the battles. Don’t forget to stock up on ammo and shells, keep an eye on the fuel level and complete command tasks. Destroy enemy vehicles, earn experience and get rewards. Upgrade your plane and open access to new, faster and more powerful aircraft.

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omjJ0neZqN2 February 27, 2023 686
fjU9XG5nSd8R March 9, 2023 938
iH7VC3GoJZ March 18, 2023 456
i2fGIuQY1rs March 10, 2023 508
SCKEJXPWRgY March 10, 2023 649

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The cover art of the app is not so attractive but the game it looks good and nice once you starting playing it.

After the long downloads ad and even longer install, it never did down load I mean after 3mins come on

I don't like it because I like third person flying were you actually control a plane not what I was exactly looking for

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Air Combat 1941 This is a new generation air shooter with stunning 3D graphics. New enemy technique

Name Air Combat 1941
Version 0.2.8
Price FREE
Rating 4.3 (125 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 26, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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