In the epic Age of Battle War, players are transported to a tumultuous era where kingdoms clash and heroes rise. This strategic game combines elements of warfare, diplomacy, and resource management, challenging players to build their own empire and conquer their foes. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Age of Battle War provides a realistic and engaging experience for players of all ages. Rally your troops and lead them to victory as you forge alliances, wage war, and shape the destiny of your kingdom in this thrilling battle for domination.

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ET5Yi7ls406December 3, 2023
UxdeAScOfI401November 30, 2023
U6PkhjWiz800December 15, 2023
qO9GoFvnwsP488January 20, 2024
moYPBswM3H283January 20, 2024

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Art of War 3 Tier List

This is very misleading. They try to play off the original Age of War series by adding a "3" after the title. This is definitely not the same developer nor does it have the same amount of skill put into creating the game. However, if you love taking a break from your game to watch an ad or two every minute... this is the app for you!

Game crashes when you get to last stage and my phone is literally build for gaming. HOWEVER it is its own game people complain about it being age of war doesn't understand that this is just how this genre works

Ads cover the health bar at the top of the screen. You'll never know how much health you or your opponent has. Game is functional but mediocre at best with so many Age of War copies. This shouldn't be called Age of War at all. 1 star.

Human vs Human on easy, it's impossible. This game sucks. Support button is broken, you have to spam it 1,000 times for it to work. When you have enough money to afford 1 defense turret, the enemy has all 4 of the maxed out turrets. Wish I could give this -5 stars.

This game is as they say trash, their are constant ads and the ad removal does not work i recommend flagging this game as an impersonation i would add that google play may not help with refunds but should be held accountable when purchases ingame do not work or are fraudulent.

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The war game uses defense tactics and evolves the era to win the enemy. update admob sdk + api level + fix bug

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