The Age of Modern Wars was a period of intense conflict and technological advancement that spanned from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century. This era saw the rise of powerful industrial nations and the development of new weapons and tactics. From the World Wars to the Cold War, this time was marked by large-scale warfare, devastating weapons like tanks and atomic bombs, and the immense human cost of war. Despite the horrors, it also led to advancements in medicine, transportation, and communication that shaped the modern world.

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Age of Modern Wars Tier List

Good strategy war game. Easy control and a good challenge for the most part. Some of the weapons are under powered, like the hellfire and guns on the A10 and attack helos. The range and damage of the plane rockets need to be swopped with the air to ground missiles.

Pretty epic. Obviously it has bugs and isn't full, but I think it has potential. Only issue, which is more of a personal one, is that the maps are small, especially for a game where the AI defaults to massive, map-filling armies. Larger maps and more players per match would make the game last longer and have the outcome be less certain. Larger maps would also make navy more important, as it would be needed to take faraway enemy positions.

I absolutely love this game. For 1 it's modern setting that is not clickbait which is rather rare today. 2 the gameplay is challenging and the 8-bit style works perfectly with the game. Only minor thing however, is that sometimes there are visual glitches on map tiles. For example on the world map the mountains that go into Canada have a tile that appears that the mountains you may have mislayered the tile creating a weird effect, it's not serious just might annoy some people.

I've played their other games of this nature, not once have I been dissapointed. I've been wanting a modern take on the game for years at this point and have finally been satisfied with my little personal dream. Perfect strategy sandbox. You can make it as intense or as patient as you want it to be, you can create your own scenarios, and the new missile and stealth mechanics make air combat really fun/unique. There is a glitch where the F-22/F-35 skins are swapped, & the C-130 can't offload.

It's pretty good, rough around the edges, but the dev(s?) has nearly perfected their formula. Pass it over sandpaper with a better UI, squish the bugs, and add mod support; Chef's Kiss. Edit/reply: I'll see if I can draw and e-mail you something like what the UI could look like polished - do note that this would be my second time using photoshop for anything! Reply 2: I'd be happy to try it out! I sent a link to the forum post by email.

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Age of Modern Wars Wiki

Turn based strategy in the years of Cold war and after, with multiplayer option New Units/Techs:
C-5 Galaxy
Typhoon K
Wiesel 1 AWC MK20
Vickers MBT Mk.1
F-117 Nighthawk
Sukhoi Su-33
SR-71 "Blackbird"
Merkava Mk.IV
KamAZ Typhoon 4x4
AH-4 155mm Howitzer
2S35 Koalitsiya-SV
M6 Linebacker
Barracuda-class Submarine
Permit-class Submarine
Delta III-class Submarine
Hesco Bastion
Mortar Pit
Hospital (map-editor only)
New Campaigns:Finland campaign, Battles of Unknown
Change:2S4 Tulypan stats changed

many many other changes, see version log.

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