Abattoir is an amazing atmospheric horror game with action elements in which you have to save yourself and your friends from a terrifying maniac operating in a slaughterhouse. As part of a team of ten people, you will find yourself in a huge location, immersed in darkness. You will need to get out alive from the territory of the slaughterhouse, and for this you need to act in concert with other participants. Explore the map, find secluded places where you can hide and don’t let the maniac hiding in the shadows find you. Challenge yourself and try to find out if you can outsmart the cunning assassin? The game received a terrible atmosphere of fear and hopelessness, exciting gameplay, great visual design with excellent graphics and an exciting multiplayer mode.

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DN7uvWloMzY November 5, 2022 718
dN21iuwgMQbT December 11, 2022 329
P91MFH3C7y December 7, 2022 630
EOh2cH3ASgv October 23, 2022 365
tEzM9c2sOa1 October 27, 2022 258

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i think your game has great, great potential. Just a few bits of updates on bugs and gameplay, and you're all set. The only thing is that it isnt getting noticed(which i think is such a waste given that this game is so much more different than the other horror games out there with the cliche styles. Props to the developers. You deserve the revenue you get, i think yall deserve to put a bit of ads or in game purchases included in the future, but dont make it into a game just filled with ads.

This game is fun playing with friends though we always have problems dealing with the monsters lurking around the map. They're so quick! And you wouldn't even have any chance to lose them. Even when you're hiding they still see you. I think the monsters need to be nurfed atleast by a lil bit so that we could actually enjoy the game. Still fun though and I'll be looking forward for the next update.

So this game still needs some adjustments obviously cuz it's not quite long since this was released this a new game and it's pretty good. But It's quite buggy (u get stuck at corners and sides and walls, killer's prolly too fast. I suggest u give players an additional skill wich allows them to sprint for a while and ofc takes time to recharge. Or a skill wich allows the player to roll or slide. Cuz killers are legit OP for real. Yea overall this game kinda good.

overall the game is good, focus on the feedback and fix of bugs and you're all set, the game has a very big potential if it only just gets an exposure for people. . . after you fix some bugs and make the game smoother then maybe you can go for like trying to improve the details of the map and surroundings, that way you can focus on improvement first than the creativity

It's a nice game tbh, but it need some improvements like more items and more hiding spots, and characters and a killer characters, this is like a Dead By Daylight game but in Android,the music is great and some of them are just like confusing to hear. And btw why i can't find some room in multi-player mode? I've been like 10mins waiting searching some room and unfortunately there's none hope you fix/improve some of them, need some improvements like, BGM every place you've come & Decorations etc.

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Abattoir Tier List

- Major AI improvements
- Added quick attack and stun effect for killers
- Fixed multiplayer reconnection bug
- New generator animation and design
- Hide mechanic and vent improvements
- Interaction improvements
- Window objects are now breakable
- Restored character wakeup animation
- Parallax and cutout effects adjustments
- Added Edit Account in Workshop
- Added new textures
- Updated Complex Map
- Replaced Ambient Region with generic Region object

Name Abattoir
Version 1.10.12
Price FREE
Rating 3.9 (657 ratings)
Category Codes
Update October 16, 2022
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