“The Chaosville, a haunted town plagued by nightmares”

Welcome to the Chaosville, a once peaceful town now consumed by wicked nightmares. The townspeople live in constant fear, tormented by the darkness that plagues their dreams. Creatures of the night roam the streets, whispering haunting melodies that echo in the minds of the sleep-deprived residents. The nightmares grow stronger with each passing day, their tendrils of despair reaching further into the hearts of the townsfolk. Will they ever escape the clutches of this horrific dreamland? Only time will tell in the haunting reality of the Chaosville.

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It's ok, the animations are cute and the monsters look cool. In one level you get 9 "scenarios" with two choices (sometimes you get an additional one for watching an ad) to combat the monster. When you make a mistake you have to go back to the start of the level, which would be fine if you could skip the transitions or make them go faster, but it takes a lot of time to get back to your place. especially if you want to see what the wrong choices do. Sadly I won't play anymore because of this.

I played this game 2 years ago, and I actually really enjoyed it. The art style was super cute, and it was a very satisfying look. The game had its problems, but I didn't care it was such a gun game, and I'm reinstalling it because I would constantly remember the game and want to play it again. This game is very memorable to me, and I've constantly wanted to draw the characters.

Shameless advert simulator. Every level you have to make a blind guess out of 2 options. Get it right and you move onto the next level where you make another blind guess. Get any of the guesses wrong and you get an advert. That is the entire game. Shameless, pointless and boring.

This game is an absolute cringe fest and aside from that it bribes you to watch ads to continue and as well sometimes neither of the options to advance work and you have to pick the one where you have to watch a stupid ad! I was excited for a good horror game with horror aesthetics and monsters, but I got garbage with non original characters and some monster ripoffs...disappointing...

Logic of the game is backwards for you to fail and watch long ads instead of playing the game. And if you realize that and choose the least likely options, you'll get ads every 30 seconds anyway. Too bad, because it actually looks very good, very promising, but it's unplayable. What a disappointment.

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Start your creepy adventure and save the city! It will be dreadfully fun!

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