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A+ Gallery – Photos & Videos Coupon reviews

I am recently having problems naming albums. The whole title does not show. I never had a problem before. What am I doing wrong or what changed? I am so frustrated trying to sort my pictures into albums like before. Also when I then try to rename the album, to what I choose, it won't change. Looking forward to answers because this was my favorite gallery option. Thank you, Sherrie Cepress

A very nice app. 2 stars off due to the fact the app can't move images around in the individual folders. 5-28-20 still can't move images in a folder to specific locations in the same folder. 6-13-20.The app has a hard time deleting from the SD card. Also I'm still not able to put pictures in the order I want in a folder. Come on guys, really! 7-9-20 Still no change. I can't sort images in a folder and deleting images from the SD card is a pain. Same old same old. 2 stars.

App is missing such basic features. One, allow a setting to where when we click on a video, it automatically starts playing. Two, allow the loop video setting to be on always. Pretty silly that it disables itself when the video changes. Three, allow us to just swipe to the next video. Again, pretty silly that we have to back out of the video just to go to the next one.

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