99 Ranch Market is a popular Asian grocery store chain that offers a wide variety of products from different Asian cuisines. Whether you’re looking for fresh produce, packaged snacks, or specialty ingredients, 99 Ranch Market has you covered. With locations across the United States, it’s easy to find a store near you. The store prides itself on providing high-quality products at affordable prices, making it a favorite among Asian communities and food enthusiasts. Explore the aisles of 99 Ranch Market and discover the rich flavors of Asia.

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A very first order was a success, everything s been delivered except one out of stock item. One little problem is that I wasn't allowed to buy some items in quantity of more than one. Some items became out of stock while I was still shopping. If I don't have to drive 9 miles to the store and have the delivery all the time that is an excellent proposition. I'll be back.

I was excited to see finally Ranch 99 is promoting app/delivery experience after almost all other major grocery players have become more and more mature during the pandemic. The UI and flow are poorly designed and executed, and navigating through different interfaces is not smooth, like those in 10 years ago. You see ads and promotions but they are not easy to see and you can't apply coupons, and there's no way you can provide feedback, hence the review here....

Update: Found a workaround for the issue. Instead of logging in via Account Login, use Mobile Login(on the right) and that will get you into the app. Everything else LGTM now that I can access the functions.*** Extremely buggy. It seems to be stuck in a loop of asking user to login and then reset password. This app is such a great concept. The UI isn't horrible, and it's pretty intuitive to navigate. There are just a few tautological issues with certain actions that needs to be debugged.

Overall a glitchy app, but the last straw is when entering delivery address only existing business addresses are allowed. Any other address will not register.

Very buggy app. I received all email verification codes but none of the mobile codes have come in. Can't even place an order because the system is always down.

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