Яндекс Еда – это сервис доставки еды, который позволяет заказывать еду из различных ресторанов и кафе прямо на дом. Благодаря этому сервису, вы можете насладиться любимой едой без необходимости выходить из дома или офиса. Яндекс Еда предлагает широкий выбор блюд, начиная от пиццы и суши, и заканчивая бургерами и десертами. С помощью удобного приложения или сайта, вы можете легко выбрать и заказать понравившуюся еду, а затем ожидать, когда вас доставят вкусное блюдо прямо до двери.

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Their taxi app works quite well, but this one is quite miserable. Delivery often takes up to 3 times longer as initially shown during the order process. Support usually does not know or does not care. All this of course affects the quality of food and rating of the restaurants because food arrives cold and not fresh anymore

the great part is the support.. they are good into it. Highly recommended for foreigners to use it. and must review about your order. Thanks again team for your efforts and highly appreciated support. thanks again 👍

Scam, the worst service ever. I've been waiting for my order 1,5 hour and they just cancelled it. I wasn't refunded and all I had in the end was 10% discount for next order. Thats nonsense.

Common fraud, imposing an unordered service! They impose an extra service, a useless Yandex Plus subscription. If you cancel the service, you will not be refunded !!!

I ordered according to a promotion, and did not receive the promotional item; support chat said the promotion was "expired" despite nothing in the app indicating that it was, and then refused to compensate me in any way. This is called false advertising, and I will not be using this app again. Edit: How can you trust any of their promotions when they only reveal that it is expired after your order comes in, and don't compensate you in any way? They have no problem lying to customers.

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Home delivery of food and groceries. Order your first delivery for free! What's there to tell – just fixed a couple of bugs to bring further stability. Enjoy!

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