Авито – одна из самых популярных и известных площадок в России для размещения объявлений о покупке, продаже и обмене товаров и услуг. Здесь можно найти все – от одежды и обуви до автомобилей и недвижимости. Сайт предлагает удобный и простой поиск, а также возможность связаться с продавцом или покупателем напрямую. Также на Авито можно найти вакансии, услуги и объявления о сдаче в аренду жилья. Здесь каждый найдет, что ищет!

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They permanently disabled my account because they couldn't "verify" my passport. I emailed them a dozen times and offered to send them photos of my passport because I think the computer automatically looked at it (not a real person). But they said there is no way to do anything to restore the account, I was already talking to a few buyers at the time. Terrible customer service, and absurd security requirements considering it's just person to person sales. It's not a high security thing.

Good app in genearl but the most frustrating thing is that there is no customer service, you stay vulnerable, seller or buyer alike, you can not get support from the app, nor can you get protected from spams and people who may hurt your buying or selling experience!! Hotline neede or a customer service phone number to express our dislikes and worries when needed

It's a very good, helpful and easy to use application I just wish it can have an English version to make it much easier to use for foreigners living in Russia 🇷🇺 who is still trying to understand the Russian language

Good App for all the class of people

The app works just fine but its support is a freaking nightmare, a lot of functions may be used only through contact with people which either don't answer you or forget about something you asked them to do as soon as the conversation ends. Lost a very good offer due to their incompetence.

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Объявления: работа, услуги, авто и запчасти, недвижимость и новостройки. За сумкой Prada или плащом Burberry теперь можно прийти на Авито Премиум. Все брендовые вещи мы собрали в новом разделе.

Там вас ждут новый лаконичный дизайн, подборки по погоде и стилю, а ещё продавцы, которым доверяют.

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